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Assalamu Alaikum everyone! It’s been a long time, but I’m back! Help me win the Awakening Star contest – first prize is a contract with their record label. I get suggestions all the time to join Awakening. Well here’s your chance to help. Share this video and ask your friends to also share it to get it as many views as possible! Finally, click “like” or “Thumbs Up” on youtube!

[New Song] Ayah

Can you guess what this song is about? It has a double meaning…. :)

This song was inspired by some Drake/Weeknd songs I was listening to. It has an eerie slow tempo beat, soft bass/midtone vocals.



Wake up in morning to your text
The fact that I even know makes me feel so blessed
But every now and then I get confused,
You say that your an open book,
But I cant seem to read you

The things you say stay always my mind
Every single word i hear just sounds so divine
Do you really hear what’s in my heart
Or are you gonna keep me in the dark


Im tryna read between the lines
Looking for those secret signs

When I talk about you to my friends
Seems like everybody has an interpretation
Im not tryna get the message wrong
Looking like a fool with signals crossed

Should I turn the page
Do I just wait
Will it become clearer
I really wanna believe you


I read your lines
Must have read about a thousand times
Oooh I needed that
Looking for somes signs
That I might have missed

Maybe I missed a message
Maybe I missed the message

[New Song] Put Your Fingers Up

Sometimes, you hear whispers, but you have to resist and give it the finger!


You came
Whispering sweet nothings in my ear
Telling me
Every single thing that I wanna hear
But your game is up
I refuse to lose control
And you had my nafs
But tonite I won’t let go

Put your fingers up
Put your fingers up
Put your fingers up
If you love Allah

Verse 2
Once again
The devil making promises to me
But I see
Through your plans
Your breaking me down
And yes I’ve fallen down
But this time its different
But your game is up
I refuse to lose control
And you had my nafs
But tonite I won’t let go

Rahma [New Song]

With everything going on around the world, Syria, Burma, Pakistan, Libya, and more, there are far too many tears. We need more “Rahma”. Listen to my new song and please share!

Click here to read the lyrics

Heaven’s Where Her Heart Is (Cover)

Watch the original by Mo Sabri here:

I loved the lyrics of this song so much, I had to do an R&B cover. Big ups to Mo Sabri for writing such a beautiful song about a beautiful Muslim woman.

Lyrics (By Mo Sabri):

Verse 1:
You could be my Aisha, always being righteous
Need you in my life, yup, you could be my wife, yup
They say love is a battle, you know that I’ll be your fighter
Destination Heaven, you’re my weapon in this cypher
But I’m just a writer…I speak truly
My heart is on fire, “spittin” ayahs about beauty
Let me do my duty, I could be your husband
I could be the one that you could always put your trust in
When it comes to loving, I’ll give you everything
They say I’m a King so I’ll treat you like a Queen
Every day when you wake up I’ll be the man of your dreams
You could be my other half and we could stay up on our Deen
Whenever you want, we can go to Umrah
Hop up on a jet,…just to go to Jummah
We could live the good life, I’m talking about the Sunnah
And when I write this music, I do it for my Ummah

She tells the truth, she’s honest
She’s humble and she’s modest
Her speech is the softest
Because Heaven is where her heart is

Verse 2:
Heaven’s citizen, she’s so innocent
Focused on the Lord, so no need for the Ritalin
Haters say she’s different, but she does not belittle them
Her patience is a riddle and it leaves them in bewilderment
She got soul, yeah, she got spirit
And she’s God-fearing, hear it in my lyrics
I got the feeling, hands up to the ceiling
She never does wrong, but still wants to be forgiven
Yeah, she got class
Life is a test and she just wants to pass
She don’t want the money, the cars, or the cash
She just wants a man who will keep her on the straight path
Forget the numbers, I rap for the Ajr
One day you’ll be the one that will wake me up for Fajr
Significant other, wife, my children’s mother
My last name is Sabr
Be patient, one day i’ll be your cover

Ramadan 2012 – All Parodies!

I can’t believe Ramadan is almost already here. This Ramadan came by faster than ever! And it’s going to be a long summer with long days… Here are my parody videos over the last couple years! Fun times!

2009 – First Day Fast (Jerimih Birthday S*x Parody)

2012 – InshaAllah Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe Parody)

2011 – Did They See The Moon (Neyo Pitbull Give Me Everything Parody) & Muslimvation (Kelly Rowland Motivation Parody)

2010 – Hey Baba (Usher Hey Daddy Parody)

2008 – Iftar and Witr (T-Pain Bartender Parody)

inshaAllah Maybe Official Video!

I want to sincerely thank everyone who submitted a video! It turned out really funny!

Here it is! My parody to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” Please share!

Fajr’s really early, and sometimes I need a “smack” to wake up!